Duo - Error: "Incorrect passcode. Please try again"


What should I do when I get the following error messages?



The hardware tokens can get out of sync with your account if there are too many button presses and the generated code is not used to sign in. These can happen while your token is in your pocket or bag.


You can re-sync your Duo hardware token by generating and attempting to sign in with a new code 3 times:

  1. Generate a passcode by clicking the button on the hardware token
  2. Enter the generated passcode and click the "Log in"
  3. Wait for the generated passcode to disappear from the screen of the token
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 twice more. On the 3rd attempt your passcode should be accepted


For assistance with Duo, call the IS Service Desk at 541-737-8787 or visit us in Milne Computer Center 201. Our term business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-7pm and weekends 3pm-7pm.


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