OSU Events Calendar - Organization Landing Pages

Who should have an Organization Landing Page?

Landing pages are suitable for larger departments, colleges or organizations that host ten or more events per year, that users are likely to search for or follow, and that may want widgets displaying their events on their own web pages.

Organizations must be formally sponsored by or reporting to Oregon State University.  Landing pages are NOT required for creating events or associating departments with events, and there is no size or organization level requirement.  They are not suitable for very small or temporary organizations, or ones with only tangential links to OSU, such as private companies, business partners and non-profits affiliated with an OSU employee (founder, board member, supporter).

Organization landing pages will be created upon request, they will be periodically reviewed by platform administrators to remove infrequently used pages..

Information to provide when requesting an organization landing page

Please contact the Service Desk and have ready the following information:

  • Name of organization
    • Use formal name, capitalized appropriately. 
  • Description.
    • Content must be understandable by a general audience, with minimal jargon and acronyms explained.
    • Please check for and correct grammatical errors
  • Link to department/group web page
  • Twitter Username
    • Valid username, without “@”.
  • Facebook Page
    • Provide URL
  • Community
    • Leave blank unless organization is explicitly limited to one location (e.g. Admissions for OSU-Cascades).
  • Photo should be relevant and easy to view
  • Users wishing to follow an organization will be automatically approved



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