Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows - Installation


This process is here to teach you how to install with Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows.


  • A device running Windows 


  1. Navigate to 
  2. Click on the ‘Download’ button on the left side of the page
  3. Wait until the download finishes and then double click on the ‘mseinstall.exe’ file that comes up
  4. Click the ‘Next’ button to continue the installation
  5. Click the ‘I accept’ button after reading the agreement
  6. Click the ‘Next’ button after selecting ‘I do not want to join the program at this time’
  7. Leave settings on default, then click on the ‘Next’ button
  8. At this point if you still have a previous anti-virus software on your computer select ‘How do I uninstall other anti-virus and antispyware’ otherwise select ‘Install’ to continue the install
  9. And select ‘Finish’ to complete the installation process

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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