Google Sites - Creating a Site


Google Sites is a service that allows you to create a custom website for a class, club, organization, or interest. This article will walk you through the process of creating a site.


  • Have an ONID account
  • Have a computer
  • Have a connection to the internet


  1. Go to Google Sites
    • On the Google main page, you can click on the grid icon in the upper right, then click "Sites"
    • Or, go to the Google Apps for OSU login portal, click "Login to G Suite" and select "Sites"
  2. Connect by logging in with your ONID credentials, if not already logged in.
  3. Click the red Create button. 
  4. You can choose between "Classic" and "New" sites. You can find the list of differences here
  5. You can now begin creating your site

For further assistance, either reference Google's Sites Help page, or contact the IS Service Desk.


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