Security Best Practices - Android


This article goes through some of the security best practices to employ while using your Android smart phone. With the large amount of apps on the Google Play Store and other application repositories there are bound to be malicious apps.

Best Practices:

  • Don’t root/jailbreak the device
  • Use the Google Play Store; don’t download directly from third party developers
  • Don’t use third party stores for your mobile device
  • Check the permissions on the application
  • Check the reviews to see if there are large amounts of bad ratings

Additional Information:

Lookout Mobile Security – Free application that will scan your applications and notify you of potentially unwanted applications. It will also block malicious websites from loading your phone. Another feature is that it has a built in find my phone option which will make your phone announce itself so you can easily find it. There are other features which are included in the premium upgrade.


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