OSU Events Calendar - Governance and Maintenance

Guiding principles

Our goals for the event calendar include:

  • Reflect the presence, mission and values of the university
  • Provide high-quality information and simplify navigation for calendar users
  • Maintain a modern look and feel and a cohesive appearance



We are happy to receive requests to change or add a filter.  Filters are intended to be audience-centric, intuitive and helpful to people attempting to navigate and locate events.  Users consistently tell us they prefer a short filter list.

We will review filter requests by considering the following questions:

  • Is the filter helpful to a broad and general audience?
  • Does it avoid using OSU-specific terms or jargon?
  • Is it significantly distinct from existing filters?
  • Will a typical user feel it provides the right amount of granularity—not too much or too little?
  • Will it apply to a large number of events and be needed permanently?
  • Does it avoid creating structure that will require frequent updating, such as an organization chart?
  • Can it be used to consolidate or simplify other filters?



How we assess requests to add or change a place

  • Is the place regularly used to host qualified events?
  • Is it distinct from existing places (not a room within or an outside area easily associated with an existing place)?
  • Is there a source of up-to-date information about the place (description, photo)?
  • Does it make sense for users to follow the place



We will periodically review organizations and filters for value, assessing how frequently they are used by both providers and calendar users.


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