OSU Events Calendar - Event Admin Roles and Responsibilities

Purpose of Event Admin Role and How to Request it

Event administration roles are occasionally provided to people for the following reasons:

  • A job responsibility to edit, review or delete events created by other people or to assist others with their events.
  • An articulated business need to routinely apply features not available on the public event submission page, such as visibility restrictions, tags or keywords.

The role is not intended for:

  • Bypassing event review.  Please contact the Service Desk if you have questions or concerns about event moderation.
  • Entering events for others who wish to bypass event review
  • Adding curation for an organization.Users may freely choose to add filters and organizations to their events.Moderators check to see if their selections seem appropriate; however, the calendar does not support requiring separate approval for each filter or organization associated with an event.
  • Removing events created by people outside your organization.If an event unexpectedly uses your organization, you may contact the owner to determine if it was selected by mistake, and offer to correct it for them.

How to obtain the role:

  • Submit a request by contacting the Service Desk describing the business need for the role to be granted and the name of the organization(s) this role will be used for.
  • You must log on to the event calendar at least once to create an account.
  • Once granted, we will associate the role with your account.You will be able to create, edit or delete events associated with those organizations.

Using the Role

This role allows access to an administrative dashboard.  To use it

  • Log on to the calendar
  • From the pull down beside your profile picture, choose Calendar Admin
  • In the left navigation menu, expand the Events section

Adding new events

  • There are two event submission forms
    • The public submission form contains fewer fields and is accessible to everyone through the big orange Submit an Event button on the main calendar.Use this form
      • If you need to add multiple organizations
      • For events that do not require advanced features such as tags, keywords, visibility or user engagement restrictions.
    • The admin-only form includes more advanced features and fields.Access it through the administrative dashboard by selecting Events/Add Event.
  • Special notes on using the admin-only form
    • Detailed field descriptions are available here (scroll to Admin Form section): https://support.localist.com/submission-form/
    • The Organization field is labeled Departments.You will only be able to add organizations where you have event admin permission.If you need to add organizations that are not listed, use the public submission form to initially create the event.
    • Malheur County is a selection under Community. Select it only for events held in Malheur County so that they appear in the mountain time zone.
    • Tickets & Registration information is located on a separate tab, located at the top of the form

  • Event approval
    • Events entered by a person with event admin permission are automatically approved
    • The university-wide moderators will review and approve all other events.

Editing or Deleting Existing Events

Event admins can edit any events associated with organizations for which they have event admin permission.

  • Locate events through the administrative dashboard by selecting Events/Live
  • Click on the name of the event to open it in the admin-only form.
  • Deleting an event will not notify people who are following it. Change the status instead of deleting most events.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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