OSU Events Calendar - Event Writing Examples

Example: well-written event

  • Title clearly describes what type of event is being held
  • Photo is relevant and clear
  • Description
    • Describes in plain language what the event is, who can attend and what to expect.
    • Includes a link for additional information
  • Cost is stated.  Users don’t need to guess whether this is free
  • Several appropriate Filters selected to help the audience locate/categorize event
  • Organization specifies the group sponsoring this event
  • Contact information is correctly provided to answer any questions
  • Location is pre-entered campus building with correct address and map

Example: poorly-written event

  • Title is vague
  • Photo is an unreadable photograph of a poster
  • Description
    • Includes only biographical information
    • Does not explain what a BB adventure session is (lecture, nature walk, book signing?)
    • Does not provide basic logistical information (who can attend, cost, registration)
    • Contains spelling and capitalization errors
  • Date/time Does not indicate duration
  • No Filters selected to help audience locate/categorize event
  • No Organization selected or Description of which group is sponsoring this event.
  • Contact information is invalid
  • Location
    • Is vague--what club house?
    • The Address includes only the street instead of street, city, state
    • When you enter incomplete addresses, Google Maps guesses!  Google located a club house on a street with that name somewhere in Vermont.



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