Top Hat: How can I ask impromptu questions?


How can I ask impromptu questions with Top Hat?


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Top Hat has a 'quick-ask' question functionality as part of its Top Hat Presentation Tool.

1. In class: Create a Quick-Ask Question

With the Top Hat Presentation Tool open:

  • Click the Speech Bubble Icon at the top of the tool.
  • Choose optional settings as desired:
    • Enter a question title (the title defaults to "Quick Ask" followed by date and time)
    • Select whether to attach a screenshot
    • Select whether to disable the question after a set period of time
  • Select one of the three question type options (Multiple Choice, Word Answer, or Numeric Answer) by clicking Present
    • Select the number of possible answers for Multiple Choice questions
  • The question will automatically open and provide instructions for submitting responses.
  • Close or Pause the question using the controls at the top of the tool.

Quick-ask questions will appear in the Top Hat course structure, but the questions will not be placed in any Top Hat folders and will not, by default, be exportable to Canvas.

2. After class: Manage a Quick-Ask Question

After the class session has ended, instructors are able to edit question settings using the Top Hat browser interface ( Correct answers and point assignments can be added, question and answer text can be updated by editing the question. Quick-ask questions may also be placed within an appropriate folder to enable the ability to sync grades with Canvas.

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