Guide to Avaya 1400 Series Digital Phones


  • How do I use the Avaya 1400 series digital phones?


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The information below is adapted from the Avaya 1400 Series phone guide. The full Avaya guide can be found here:

Put a call on hold While connected to the call appearance, press [HOLD]. The button lamp will blink while the call is on hold.
Return to a held call Press the button of the line that is on hold.
Transfer a call While the call is active, press [TRANSFER]. Dial the number to transfer to. Either wait for the call to be answered and then press [TRANSFER] again, or immediately press [TRANSFER]. If the number dialed does not answer, you can press the button next to the flashing green light to reconnect to the original caller.
Make a Conference Call While the call is active, press the [CONFERENCE] button. The first party will be placed on hold. When you hear a dial tone, dial the number of the second party. When the call is answered, press [CONFERENCE] again. All parties will hear a single beep to indicate they are in a conference call.
Leave a conference call While in the conference call, press [DROP] twice.



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