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Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. In MediaSpace, Kaltura content is sorted into categories.


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  • Can I assign my media to any category in MediaSpace?
  • To how many categories may I assign my media in MediaSpace?
  • Can I restrict access to a category in MediaSpace?
  • How can I add additional categories to MediaSpace?


Adding media to a category

You can add your media to any categories that are unmoderated. Administrators still have the right to remove your content from these categories if they find that your content is inappropriate for that category.

How many categories can I assign to my media?

You can add your content to as many as seven different categories in MediaSpace.

Restricting access to a category

MediaSpace administrators have the ability to restrict categories in a number of ways:

  • Listing: The media within this category is not listed unless the user is logged in or unless the user is on a specific access list.
  • Visibility: The category is not visible among the other categories in MediaSpace unless the user is on a specific access list.
  • Submission: A user may not submit media a category unless the user is on a specific access list.

Users on an access list can have one of two different types of permissions:

  • Member: May view the contents of the category.
  • Contributor: May view the contents of the category and submit new media.

Additional categories

Categories in MediaSpace are created by Academic Technology. If you would like an additional category, please contact us.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

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