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  • How do I require OSU login on my Qualtrics survey?


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OSU's Qualtrics instance is integrated with OSU Login. Using the steps below, you can post a link to a survey that is restricted to OSU members only without needing to create a contact list and invite specific survey respondents. You can also collect name and email address in the survey results.


Require Authentication

  1. Login to Qualtrics at https://oregonstate.qualtrics.com
  2. Open an existing project or create a new one
  3. On the Survey tab, select Survey Options
    1. Select Security
    2. Set Survey Access to: Available to Anyone
    3. Click Save
  4. On the Survey tab, select Survey Flow
    1. Select Add a New Element Here
    2. Choose Authenticator
    3. Set Authentication Type to "SSO"
    4. Uncheck "Associate Respondent with Panel"
    5. Set SSO Type to "Shibboleth"
    6. In the Question Block, select Move and move the question block below and to the right of the Authentication block Shows resultant survey flow settings
    7. Click Apply

At this point, the survey will prompt for OSU login, but will not collect information about who responded. This is useful if you want to restrict a survey to OSU respondents only. Keep reading for steps to collect respondent information. See below for steps to distribute the survey.

Collect Respondent Information

Caution: If you collect respondent information, you should notify your respondents that the survey is not anonymous.

  1. Complete the steps above to enable OSU authentication via Shibboleth
  2. In your Qualtrics project, select Survey Flow
  3. In the Authentication block, check the box to "Capture respondent identifying info"
  4. Select "Add embedded data"
  5. Set the fields as follows (use the + to add additional fields):
    1. firstname  =  givenname
    2. lastname  =  sn
    3. emailaddress  =  mail
    4. onid = eduPersonPrincipalName
      note: eduPersonPrincipalName is in the format of username@oregonstate.edu

Example embedded fields format

  1. Click Apply
  2. Remember to Publish your survey after making changes
  3. To view the contact information in survey results:
    1. Select Data & Analysis
    2. Select Tools
    3. Go to "Choose Columns", "Embedded Data"
    4. Check the options for "firstname", "lastname" and "emailaddress"

Distribute the Survey

Even though the survey is not anonymous, you can distribute it with an "anonymous link". 

  1. In your Qualtrics project, select Distributions
  2. Select Anonymous Link
  3. Highlight the web link and press Ctrl-C on your keyboard

You can now share the link via email, web or social media and only receive responses from authenticated OSU users.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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