EC500 Call Forwarding

What is EC500?

Important: During this period where we have a significant number of employees working from off-campus we are prioritizing the use of softphones over EC500.  EC500 puts a burden on the number of available inbound and outbound call trunks that is not sustainable in this current environment and has the potential risk of exhausting those trunks, thus negatively impacting the system for all users.  Softphones do not have the same impact so we are asking that users use softphones in place of EC500.  For more information please see the softphone KB articles located here.

EC500 is a feature that will route calls from a desk phone to an assigned cell phone. When activated, calls will ring simultaneously on both desk phone and cell phone.

In addition, when EC500 is enabled calls from the cell phone to OSU extensions will appear to come from the desk phone number.

Note: EC500 will not work with analog phones.

EC500 intended use

EC500 is intended for intermittent and short-term special use cases, such as reaching on-call personnel after hours.  It is not intended to be a long-term persistent solution for forwarding on-campus phones to cell phones.  EC500 uses twice the phone connectivity resources that a standard incoming or out-going off-campus call uses.  Thus, it is possible to saturate OSU's inbound/outbound lines by a large number of concurrent users.  We recommend enabling if or when its use would be required and only for as long as necessary.

How to Setup EC500

EC500 must be programmed by Telecom. Use the Voice Programming Change request form.

EC500 Options

EC500 On/Off Button

Telecom can add a button to the desk phone called EC500 so the feature can be turned on and off by pressing that button. If the button light is ‘on’ the feature is active. EC500 can also be turned on and off by calling the access numbers below from the assigned cell phone.

Extend Call Button

Telecom can also add an Extend Call button, which allows the user to send an active call to the assigned cell phone by pressing the button.

If you are on a call on your cellular phone and want to transfer the call to your desk phone press the “Extend Call” button and your primary extension key, then hang up your cellular phone.

If you are on your desk phone and want to transfer a caller to your cellular phone, press the “Extend Call” button, your cellular phone will ring, answer your cell phone and hang up the desk phone.

Delayed Ring

A delay can be programmed, so that the desk phone will ring twice before a call starts ringing at the cell phone.

Warning: One important thing to remember is that if you put your desk phone on ‘send ext’ (all calls go directly to voice mail) the EC500 call forwarding feature will not work. That will send all calls to the campus voice mailbox before they ring on the cell.

Warning: If your cell voice mail is set to fewer rings than your campus extension, the cell phone voice mail will activate on the call. If you want all EC500 calls to go to your campus voice mailbox, please make sure that your campus extension rings fewer times than your cell before going to voice mail. Also, if your cell is out of service for any reason when EC500 is turned on, calls will likely go immediately to your cellular voice mail.

Turn EC500 On/Off from Cell Phone

To turn the feature on and off from your cell phone you should add two contacts to your address book. Then you will simply call those number to activate or deactivate the feature.

All OSU Campus locations To turn EC500 on, the number is 541-713-9922
  To turn EC500 off, the number is 541-713-9923

For assistance, please contact Telecom.


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