ESET Antivirus for Mac - How to Hide Dock Icon and Splash Screen


  • How do I run ESET Endpoint Antivirus in the background?
  • How do I hide the ESET icon from my dock?
  • How do I hide the ESET splash screen when I log into my computer?


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When installed on macOS Mojave or later, ESET Endpoint Antivirus opens with a splash screen and dock icon by default. You can change the application's preferences to hide these, and keep ESET running in the background.


  1. Click the ESET dock icon.
  2. From the application menu, click Preferences (⌘,)
  3. Open the Interface preference pane.
  4. Uncheck the following options:
    • Show splash-screen as startup
    • Present application in Dock
  5. Close the Preferences window, and Quit ESET by right-clicking on the dock icon.
  6. Open the Launchpad, and relaunch ESET. It should appear only on the status bar now.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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