Duo - Send a Token to a Remote Employee (Internal)

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  • Can the Service Desk send a Duo hardware token to a remote employee?


  • Oregon State University
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Current employees are eligible for a free hardware token, and the Service Desk can distribute those to people when they come in to Milne 201. However, sometimes employees are remote and can't make it to Corvallis.

This problem may be more common for Ecampus instructors. 

The Service Desk does not have funding to pay to ship the token. It is the employee's department's responsibility to pay for shipping. However, the Service Desk can provide the token if the employee is eligible.


  1. Confirm the customer is eligible for a free token by checking in RefTool
  2. Ask the employee for an on-campus point-of-contact in their department who can coordinate shipping the token to them
    • Note that Ecampus instructors are not employees of Ecampus; check their department in RefTool to see which academic unit they are associated with
  3. Coordinate with the point-of-contact in the department. They can send someone to Milne 201 to pick up the token on behalf of their colleague, or we can send a technician to bring it to their office. 
  4. The department will take care of shipping the token to the remote employee.
  5. Follow up with the customer to let them know they can contact us if they need help registering their token with Duo.



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