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  • What software is available for OSU students and how do I access it?


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Current OSU students have access to a number of software licenses and applications. Below is a list of campus-wide resources. Note that students in some programs will have access to additional software through their department.

Citrix Apps

Citrix Apps can be accessed from anywhere and do not require installation on your local computer. For a list of software available, see: Citrix Applications List

Link to access Citrix Apps:

College of Engineering students have access to additional software via Citrix Apps. For details, see:

Site Licensed Software

Some site-licensed software is free for use by all current OSU students. Some can only be used on university-owned devices. For details on what is available and how, see: OSU Software

Campus Labs

Many software titles are available for use in campus computer labs. For a list of software and locations, see: Computer Labs and Classrooms

Online Applications

The following online applications are available for current OSU students:


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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