Linux - Dual boot Windows and Linux

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  • How do I dual boot linux and windows on my machine?
  • I have windows and want linux also.
  • I have linux and want windows also.


  • A laptop that is not apple brand.


Windows already installed

Things needed before starting:

  • Linux usb
  • Windows laptop
  1. Log in to Windows
  2. Launch Disk Management
  3. Shrink the large partition where the Windows operating system is stored enough so that the linux operating system can fit plus extra. (probably the OS (C:) partition) by right-clicking and hitting Shrink Volume
  4. Leave the unallocated space alone.
  5. Log out of windows.
  6. Launch the linux usb to install linux
  7. Choose the unallocated space to install in
  8. Install the linux OS
  9. Unplug the usb and turn on the computer
  10. If Grub appears and shows and entry for linux and windows boot manager you are good to go. If not proceed
  11. Launch into linux
  12. Open a terminal and do sudo os-probe
  13. Then sudo grub-update
  14. This will add the windows boot manager entry to grub.
  15. Restart and the windows option should be there.

Linux already installed

  • Windows install usb
  • Linux live usb
  • Laptop with linux installed.
  1. Boot into the linux live usb
  2. launch gparted by opening a terminal a do sudo -i gparted
  3. Unmount the main partition (the big one) by right clicking and hitting unmount (or something similar)
  4. Right click the partition and hit resize
  5. Move the slider to the left until you have enough space for windows plus extra space
  6. Hit ok
  7. Hit the green check mark to apply
  8. Select the newly appeared unallocated partition and right click and hit new partition
  9. Format as NTFS using the entire unallocated partition
  10. Hit ok
  11. Hit the green check-mark
  12. Shut down the computer
  13. Launch the windows installer
  14. Install
  15. Custom windows install
  16. Select the new partition you would like to install windows on to that we just created (probably the bottom partition)
  17. Install windows
  18. Restart the computer and go in to the system boot menu
  19. Check the boot options. If there is an ubuntu/linux option set that as default/priority
    if not, add a new boot option that points to \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi or something similar. It will be under EFI.
  20. Restart.
  21. If the windows boot manager entry is in grub you are done, if not, continue.
  22. Open a terminal and do sudo os-probe then sudo grub-update
  23. Restart the computer.
  24. There should be a windows boot manager entry now.



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