Mailman - Create a New List


  • How do I create a Mailman list?


  • Oregon State University
  • Employee, Student or Associate


Mailman list creation is a self-service process. Anyone with an active ONID account can create a new list.


  1. Browse to:
  2. Select "Create New List."
  3. Login with your ONID username and password if prompted.
  4. Review the OSU Mailing List Policy and OSU Acceptable Use policy.
  5. Fill out the following on the list creation form:
    • Real name of initial owner: enter your first and last name.
    • Email address of initial owner: this will default to your primary email address.
    • Name of list: the list name will become part of the email address, and cannot be changed once you have created the list. You may use letters, numbers, dash, underscore and period.
    • Short List Description: The short description is displayed on the list webpage.
    • List Password: The password will be used to access the administrative interface. Mailman passwords can also be sent via email by the system. Create a new, unique password for the list that you do not use anywhere else.
    • Confirm initial password: enter the same password again.
    • Subscription Policy: 
      • Email Confirmation AND list admin approval: this is the default, recommended setting. Mailman will send a confirmation email to any new subscribers, and will also email the list administrator(s) to confirm any new subscriptions.
      • Email confirmation only: use this option if you do not want the list administrator(s) to approve new subscriptions.
    • Default Moderation Setting for New Members:
      • Yes new subscribers must have messages approved: this is the default, recommended setting. When a new subscriber sends to the list, their message will be held for moderator approval.
      • No, new subscribers are not moderated by default: this setting is used for discussion lists.
    • Make this list publicly viewable: 
      • No, do not advertise this list: this is the default, recommended setting. The list will not show up in the "list of lists".
      • Yes, advertise this list: this setting is useful for open discussion lists.
  6. Select "Create my list" to make the new list.
  7. Mailman will send a confirmation email with instructions to the list administrator. The list will be created immediately, but please allow up to 30 minutes for the email address to be created. The email address for the list will be, where listname is the name specified on the form.


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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