AWA - Where is AWA and How Do I Use it (Quick Reference Guide)?

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  • How do I use AWA?
  • How do I run/check the results of a scheduled workflow or job.
  • Just give me enough to get started


  • Oregon State University
  • Faculty/Staff
  • People who use or run scheduled jobs/workflows
  • Appworx or AWA users


AWA will replaced Appworx in 2020 as a mechanism for launching workflows/scheduled jobs.


Links to AWA

  1. PROD (production -- for everyone):

  2. PPRD (for developers and testers):

Quick Reference Guide and Training Video

  1. Link to Quick Reference Guide.  Guide includes screenshots and covers logging on, navigating, executing workflows/jobs, viewing output, restarting jobs and checking the history of past job executions, plus notes and known issues
  2. Link to training video (with captions).  A demonstration of all the concepts mentioned in the quick reference guide.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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