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A brief summary of this service

Web-based platform with the learning management system (Canvas) providing the foundation for a suite of tools that instructors may use to post many types of course material. assignments, and manage student grades. Students may submit assignments and communicate with instructors. Activities in the form of integrated services include online video platform (Kaltura); audience response system (Turning); plagiairism prevention (Turnitin); publisher integrations; accessibility tools (UDOIT; TextAid; ReadSpeaker) and lecture capture. Employee training may be delivered in Bridge, which is a learning platform not integrated with Canvas.


How this service adds value towards the mission of the university

The platform is currently used for all learning modalities at OSU (fully online; face-to-face, hybrid, Extension, internal training, and continuing education

Service Access

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Additional links for accessing the service

Login to Canvas


Login to Canvas http://canvas.oregonstate.edu/

Access Media.oregonstate.edu (Kaltura)

Access Access Media.oregonstate.edu (Kaltura) Access Media.oregonstate.edu (Kaltura)

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How to access to this service

Credit-bearing courses - Automatic, based on Banner enrollment. PACE and Extension learners are enrolled by a 3rd-party service contracted by PACE (Ideal-Logic)

Service Hours

When this service is available

24 x 7 x 365 for all OSU Canvas users

Charges, Options & Fees

The cost for someone to access this service

There is no cost to use Canvas. Other digital materials assigned may carry a cost.


Who can access this service

OSU students and faculty.

  • Students: All
  • Employees: Some
  • Departments: Some
  • Associated Groups: Some

Requirements for Access

Any additional requirements before a user can access this service

ONID and Banner account, as well as registration in credit courses.

Support & Training


When support for this service is available

Instructure support 24 x 7 x 365; OSU Canvas admins 8-5 Mon-Fri


What training is available for this service

Canvas training is available here: http://learn.oregonstate.edu/canvas

Employee training on different is available here: http://training.oregonstate.edu

Service Management

Service Ownership

Contacts related to management or ownership of this service
  • Business Owner(s): David Goodrum
  • Business Contact(s): lynn.greenough@oregonstate.edu
  • Business Unit(s): Information Services
  • Service Owner(s): David Goodrum
  • Service Manager(s): Lyn Greenough
  • Escalation Contact(s): Team Dynamix - Standard


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The agreed upon level of service between the provider and user

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