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Digital Experience (DX) provides many digital services to the OSU community. Click 'Submit a Ticket' to get support, offer feedback or report a bug.

Urgent Issues

If you are dealing with an urgent issue that requires immediate attention, please call the OSU Service Desk at 541-737-8787. Urgent issues are those that affect the ability of your department or the university to do business. Examples of urgent issues include but aren't limited to:

  • Department website outage (going to returns a browser error or white screen)
  • A service disruption (you can't login to the events calendar)
  • Inconsistent page availability (users can't access a web page from off campus)

Don't have an OSU Login?

If you do not have an OSU Login (ONID) or you're unsure, please contact the Service Desk. If you have an OSU Login contact us by clicking 'Submit a Ticket'.

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