Request Sender be Added to Allow List for All OSU Email Customers


One of the many security features of Oregon State University's e-mail systems is the robust anti-spam and anti-junk e-mail features.  These features help reduce the amount of junk mail that appears in your inbox. 

If you feel that an email from a specific address should not be delivered to the Junk Email or Spam folder, you have two options.

Option 1: Allow This Message for My Account

If you are the recipient of an email that has landed in your Junk Email or Spam folder, you can mark the message as not junk. Doing so improves the system's algorithms for future email. If you are the sender, you can provide these instructions to your email recipients. Please see: Email - Valid Messages Going to the Junk Email or Spam Folder

Option 2: Allow this Message for All Oregon State University Email Customers

E-mail messages arriving with important information from Oregon State University or related services (e.g. EmpCenter, Banner, OSU Alert, OSU Today, etc.) should be allowed to arrive in the recipient's Inbox and not the Junk Email folder. These types of email addresses are perfect candidates for a global approval. 

Click "Request Service" and provide the details requested to begin the process.

Note: Please provide the headers from the e-mail address to help this process. For help finding message headers, see: Email - Get Message Headers


All Oregon State University e-mail customers.

Contact Information

For assistance in configuring your junk e-mail filters please contact the Service Desk.

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