Local Computer Administrator Access Request

A local administrator (LA) is someone that is granted elevated access or permissions for a particular system or information resource.

The requirements of the LA role include the following topics. More specifics of each item below are available in the Acceptable Use for System Administrators Rule (with document location listed below).

  1. Restrictions of Elevated Access account use.
  2. Use of approved access mechanisms to perform LA duties.
  3. Elevated Access purpose restrictions.
  4. Information disclosure restrictions.
  5. Default password guidance.
  6. Personal logon credentials use and restrictions.

Agreement with the Acceptable Use for System Administrators Rule is indicated by:

Please note that completion of the training and the submission of this request form is to satisfy the Office of Information Security's requirements regarding governance of who has received Local Administrator training and who is eligible for this elevated privilege; it does not automatically grant administrative access.

The final determination regarding the granting of the privilege rests with the IT unit responsible for the device.
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