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We are requesting the assistance of the OSU faculty and staff community to reduce the amount of data stored in OSU Google Drive accounts.  Google Drive and the rest of the Google Workspace platform (previously, G Suite) have been in use at OSU for many years. Historically, Google has offered educational organizations unlimited storage at no cost, however, they have changed their model and will begin charging us for data overages shortly.

What do I need to do?

Please delete any items stored in Google Drive that you no longer need. Where possible, please migrate content and data stored in Drive, to Microsoft OneDrive. Migration of Drive content to Microsoft OneDrive can be completed with relative ease by following these directions:


Google Drive users.


If you need assistance completing the migration of Drive data, please select the "Request Service" button in the upper right corner, this will start a new request. Once the request is completed you will receive a confirmation with your ticket number and a link to review your request. Someone from the Google Migration Team will reach out soonest to assist.

Contact Information

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

Additional Information

Google has implemented storage limitations to their platform. View this knowledge base article for more information -

Request Service

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