Password Security


How do I set a good password?


In order to keep your information secure you must keep your password secure. As the internet is a part of everyday life, the need for secure passwords to protect your data grows.


  • Use passphrases
  • Do not keep your password in open and public spaces (no sticky notes on your monitors!).
  • Change your password periodically.
  • Do not use the same password for everything.
  • If you think your password may have been compromised, change it immediately.
  • Never tell anyone your password.

Possible Passphrases:

  • A meaningful statement: "Carp3 Diem!"
  • Directions to a location: "Down Oak, 2nd on the Right"
  • A reference to what you're accessing: "Check1ng my Onid-Mail!" (NOTE: This is an awesome kind of passphrase, as you can customize it for any service you use, protecting your accounts from each other).
  • A catchy jingle: "I don't always use passwords, but when I do"

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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