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  • When should I use OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams for file storage and collaboration?


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OneDrive and SharePoint Online offer many similar features. Both applications allow you to share files with other people, but SharePoint has more collaboration and integration features. 

When a team is created in Microsoft Teams, a corresponding group and SharePoint site are created for that team. Private channels in Teams also have their own Microsoft 365 group and SharePoint site. Files that are shared within teams are stored in the matching SharePoint site and permissions within the site match the Teams membership.

In general, you will want to use OneDrive to store your own files, and use Teams/SharePoint for collaboration with a project team or within a unit.

In addition, OneDrive content is associated with a user account and is automatically removed when the user account is removed. Content stored in Teams/SharePoint persists even if the individual user accounts are removed.


OneDrive versus SharePoint Online Feature Overview

  OneDrive Teams + SharePoint
Store files online and access them
from anywhere using the web or mobile apps
Sync files to your device
Share files with specific people
Publish documents for view and download
by anyone
Data persists after the user account is
Storage limits 1 TB per user 25TB per Team/Site Collection


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