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  • How do I migrate files and folders to OneDrive?


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OSU provides cloud file storage for students and staff in OneDrive and SharePoint.

OneDrive is for content tied to your account, and that content will be deleted when you leave the university.  Your OneDrive storage is limited to 5TB.

SharePoint is for sites that are tied to a department or OSU organization, that should be persistent.  SharePoint sites can be allocated up to 25TB of storage, though the default is 1TB.  If you need more than 1TB please contact UIT to help identify the best storage solution for your needs.

This article includes information about migrating files to OneDrive and SharePoint.


Storing files Remove unnecessary files from Google Drive, and then purge them from your Trash.  The files will take space for 30 days unless you empty the trash in Google Drive.

UIT recommends that you use OneDrive for personal cloud storage.  Instructions to access OneDrive:

OneDrive - Access Files

If you are migrating to a SharePoint site instead of your personal OneDrive, please request a SharePoint site:

You can use a browser to upload content to SharePoint or OneDrive, however to copy a large volume of files we suggest using the SharePoint Migration Tool.  This works for transferring folders and files to either SharePoint sites, or to OneDrive.  If you are transferring shared files that are in use by your team to a SharePoint site, you can choose to have it copy permissions.

Share Point Migration tool

If you have a large data on an IT supported shared drive, please work with your IT support team to migrate the data.  This is best done using a dedicated migration server instead of running the tool on a workstation.

Please note, if you are migrating a shared location the SharePoint Migration Tool will attempt to replicate permissions.  Details of how file permissions are handled are documented here:


For assistance, contact the Service Desk. Please open a support ticket so we can identify the best way to assist you.


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