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MyOregonState is a personalized and dynamic dashboard that is the front door to your digital life with Oregon State. It brings together many systems across the university and makes it easy for you to find information you need to succeed and get things done. It is a mobile-first experience built on modern technologies, frameworks and principals - We are hard at work to constantly iterate and improve upon the platform with your feedback.

Accessing MyOregonState

  1. Point your web browser to
    • Note: MyOregonState is no no longer supported on Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter your ONID user name and password if prompted. You'll also need to complete DUO authentication. 
  3. Authorize MyOregonState to connect to your Canvas account (this is an optional step, but most functionality in MyOregonState will be removed if you do not connect Canvas.)


Areas of MyOregonState

MyOregonState is divided into several different functional areas:

  • Overview
  • Academics
  • Finances
  • Resources
  • Beta
  • Profile & Settings


The Overview page gives you a quick glance at the next few days, favorited, trending and featured resources, as well as announcements and events.

Schedule Card

The schedule card gives you an at-a-glance look at what’s coming up in the next five days with the courses you’re enrolled in and what assignments are due in Canvas. You can also see upcoming academic calendar deadlines here. Please note: this card only pulls assignments from Canvas; if your professor uses a different system to assign coursework, you will not be able to see it here.

Featured Resources

Featured Resources are timely and relevant tools, services or links to help you get things done. They are updated frequently and are relevant to the current term, week or day. If you are looking for a resource that is not listed here, you can click the orange link at the bottom of the card to see more. 

Trending Resources

Trending Resources are resources that many of your peers are currently accessing. This list of resources is generated automatically based on access.

Favorite Resources

These are your favorited resources. If you click on the small heart icon to the right of a resource anywhere in MyOregonState, they will appear in this list.

Announcements and Events

This area displays Oregon State events and announcements relevant to you. For example, if you take course in Bend, you will see events relevant to that area.


Academic Overview

This is where you can keep tabs on your GPA, account holds, number of credits enrolled in and academic standing. Although credits enrolled display the current term, your academic standing and your GPA are calculated through last term; they do not reflect any of your grades or coursework from the current term.

Canvas Card

This is where you can keep track of what's coming up in your classes: assignments due, midterms to prep for, etc. This card only pulls assignments from Canvas; if your professor uses a different system to assign coursework, you will not be able to see it here.

Current Courses

This is your in-depth look at the courses you’re taking this term and the breakdown of credits. Click on the course for the class schedule and the instructor’s contact information.

Academic Calendar

This is a quick look at the university’s academic calendar — use it to keep track of important dates and deadlines about when the terms begin, course registration and last day to drop.

Past Courses

You can find a simplified academic history with your past courses here. 



Financial Overview Plus Account Balance/Meal Plan

Financial overview helps you keep track of your OSU and meal plan accounts, and provides you with a quick link to make a payment via MyBill. Your payments won't immediately be reflected in your total balance, however.

Recent Transactions

You can review your recent OSU account transactions here.

Financial Resources

These are a selection tools, services and links related to the financial domain. Click the orange link to see all financial resources.



The resources page has all of the links you need to get things done. You can search and filter resources, as well as favorite the ones you use often.


On the profile page, you can see your contact information, address and other demographic info. You can also toggle your campus or affiliations here to chnage what content you see in your dashboard. Visiting Bend for the day? Just toggle your campus to see relevant resources, events and more!


MyOregonState is currently in Beta. This means that we are constantly refining the platform and adding new features. See the latest updates about MyOregonState here and give us feedback or tell us what you'd like to see in the future!

Student Employee

If you are a student employee and are looking for resources specifically relating to being an employee at Oregon State University please refer to this article: MyOregonState - Switching between student and employee mode

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