MyOregonState - Switching between student and employee mode


  • How do I switch between the Student Dashboard and the Employee Dashboard on MyOregonState


  • Oregon State University
  • Current Student Employee
  • Current Employee
  • Note: Student who are not OSU employees cannot access the employee dashboard, but all OSU employees can access the student dashboard


MyOregonState currently has two "modes" that users can toggle between - Student Dashboard and Employee Dashboard. By default, when a user logs in, they will be sent to the dashboard associated with their "primary affiliation". Users can sometimes switch to the other dashboard mode under two circumstasnces:

  • OSU Students who are currently also active OSU employees may toggle between the two modes.
  • OSU employees may toggle between the two modes.
  • OSU Students who are not also OSU employees can only see the Student Dashboard.



  1. Login to MyOregonState
  2. Click the 'Profile' dropdown menu (represented by the user icon, in the top left hand corner of the screen on desktop)
  3. Click either 'Student Dashboard' or 'Employee Dashboard'

  4. The dashboard will now be toggled to the other dashboard and can get back to their original view by repeating the same steps
  5. Additional Notes:
    1. This is not a permanent setting change, and the user will be returned to their original dashboard when they log in the next time.
    2. If a student believes they should be seeing the option to toggle their dashboard but don't see it as an option to the dropdown, they most likely do not have a current, active job with OSU. They should work with their supervisor/HR to ensure that everything looks correct on their end. You can confirm that they should be able to see the option to switch by checking their current affiliations in RefTool.


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