MS Bookings - Adding Student Employees To Your Bookings Calendar


  • How do I add my student employee(s) to my Bookings Calendar?
  • Can I have my GTA who advises students use Bookings for their appointment scheduling?


  • Oregon State University
  • OSU Employee
  • OSU Student Employee
  • MS Bookings


MS Bookings is available for OSU employees, not students. Student employees may need a way to book appointments. OSU employees with MS Bookings can add their student employees onto their calendars so that they can be bookable. Student employees cannot open or access Bookings to set-up Calendars or Services, but can be booked with and receive emails about the appointments that are made for them.


Method 1

  1. Login to your Bookings Calendar page with your ONID credentials or create an additional Bookings Calendar for their appointments
  2. Click on the "Staff" tab on the left-side menu
  3. Add your student employee(s) as staff with their ONID email address
    1. They will be assigned "Guest" privileges since they do not have access to Bookings with their Microsoft License
  4. Within their Staff information, set their availability by un-checking "Use business hours" and inputting the days and times your student employee is available
  5. Assign them to "Services" they can offer within your Bookings Calendar, or create an additional "Service" where they are the only person assigned for Booking with
  6. Publish and share the Bookings link like you would any of your other Service offerings


User Notes

  1. Should the student's availability change regularly, it would be easier to adjust if you created a "Service" that only they offered. This way, you could set when that service is bookable and use the "Custom hours (recurring weekly)"
  2. If the student employee needs to have their appointments rescheduled or cancelled, the OSU employee would need to make adjustments to their appointments via the Bookings Calendar
  3. The student employee will need the OSU employee to block out times they are not available within the Bookings Calendar page since it is not able to read their availability off of any calendar the student employee might use to manage their time
  4. The student employee's availability will automatically be adjusted as appointments are booked for them within Bookings
  5. Having the Email notification setting "Notify the staff via email when a booking assigned to them is created or changed" will result in them receiving email notifications about their appointments (see below) with a .ics file that they can use to add to their personal calendar


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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