Exchange Online - Outlook for Windows Freezes Often


  • Outlook for Windows freezes for up to a minute several times per day.


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  • Exchange Online
  • Outlook for Windows


It is common to see frequent freezes if Outlook for Windows is in "online mode". In online mode, Outlook has to wait for Microsoft's infrastructure to respond for numerous processes, so any slowdown of Microsoft's infrastructure can cause these symptoms. Microsoft recommends using cached exchange mode with Outlook for Windows.

Outlook may also freeze if it is downloading a large amount of data, such as when opening a mailbox for the first time, or for the first time after a long time of disuse. 

Outlook may also freeze if there are network issues.


Troubleshoot Network Issues

Connectivity issues can cause Outlook to freeze. General network troubleshooting steps may resolve the issue. Restarting Outlook or rebooting the computer are also easy steps that may resolve the issue.

Enable Cached Exchange Mode

To enable cached exchange mode for Windows, follow the steps here in Microsoft's knowledge base:


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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Thu 11/19/20 10:58 AM