CN - Access CN Network Drives


  • How do I access my CN personal drive (P: drive)?
  • How do I access my CN shared drive (S: drive)?


  • Oregon State University
  • Community Network
  • Network Drives


Most Community Network (CN) customers have access to a personal drive on CN-Home and a department shared drive on CN-Share.

Some departments have a network share on or another system.


Note: To access network shares, your computer must either be on the OSU network, or connected to the OSU VPN.


  1. To browse to a network drive on cn-share, press the Windows key and enter: \\cn-share
    1. Browse by clicking on folders until you find your department share
    2. In the folder path, click on the white space to the right

    3. Press Ctrl-C to copy the path
  2. To map a network drive to a drive letter:
    1. Select Start and enter: File Explorer
    2. Select "This PC"
    3. Select the menu option to "Map network drive"
    4. Select a drive letter (by convention, we use P: for CN-Home, S: for department share, and R: for restricted share)
    5. Enter the path to the share from the steps above, e.g. "\\cn-share\IS\TSS\Shared"
    6. Put a check next to "Reconnect at sign-in"
    7. Click "Finish"


  1. From the Finder, select Go -> Connect to Server
  2. In the Address field, enter: smb://
  3. Click the Connect button
    • You can also add the share to a list of Favorites by pressing the plus button.
  4. Enter your ONID or CN username and password when prompted
  5. Choose your volume from the list of shares and click OK


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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