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Benefits of Using Power Schemes and Power Settings

Questions regarding power schemes and power settings answered.

CN - Accessing CN Account Exports

This article will walk through accessing an exported accounts data.

CN - Community Network Accounts

Overview of CN accounts, fees and how to request an account.

CN - ConnectWise Remote Access on Macs

How to allow applications, such as remote desktop programs, to run on macOS 10.14 Mojave.

CN - Encrypt a Mac using FileVault

Link to FileVault encryption instructions

CN - ESET Antivirus for Mac

The chosen antivirus software for deployment on university macOS devices.

CN - How to Change MacOS Power Settings

How to change power settings on an Apple computer.

CN - How to Connect to CN Lite

CN Lite is a Windows terminal server available to CN users. This article outlines how to connect to CN Lite on Windows and Mac platforms.

CN - Restore Files on CN-Share

How to restore files on CN-Share or a SIG share.

CN - Ricoh MP-C4504EX sending scanned TIFF images

How to change default scanned file type from TIFF to PDF for Ricoh MP-C4504EX copier

CN - What is an LRP?

Describes the role and responsibilities of a CN LRP.

CN - Windows File Sharing

Shows Windows users how to share files through the local network using an SMB format.

Displays not Detected on E-Series Docking Stations

Sometimes E-Series docking stations will suddenly lose one or more external displays that are connected to them, especially when using Display Port inputs. This issue can be resolved by changing graphics driver settings on the affected device.

Mapping folders via MyCN (Windows)

An article on how to create MyCN shortcuts on the Windows operating system.

Using MyCN to share a file or folder

An article that describes how to share a file by utilizing MyCN.

WinSCP Profile Configuration

WinSCP installation and basic operations