CN - Ricoh Print Code in Windows and Mac


  • How do I print to a Ricoh printer using a print code?


  • Oregon State University
  • Ricoh printer
  • Windows 10/11
  • Mac OS X/macOS 


Windows 10/11:

  1. Open the Control Panel. 
  2. Select "Devices and Printers". 
  3. Right-click on the Ricoh printer that you want to use a print code with and select "Printing Preferences"
  4. Select the "Detailed Settings" tab at the top of the "Printing Preferences". 
  5. Select "Job Setup" from the "Menu" section.
  6. Enter the print code in the "User Code" field. 
  7. Click apply.


IT Pros: You can verify the print job completes via Ricoh's Web Image Monitor by entering the IP address in a browser. Then check Print Job --> Printer Job --> Printer Job History and check the status is not access restricted, which means it printed successfully with the entered print code.



  1. Open Microsoft Word. 
  2. Create a blank document, click on "File", and select "Print". 
  3. A Print dialog box will appear. Scroll down, open the "Printer Options" submenu, and select "Job Log". 
  4. The Job Log section will appear. Check "Enable User Code" and enter the print code.
  5. In the dropdown menu under "Presets", select "Save Current Settings as Preset..."
  6. There will be a box where you can rename the preset. Give the preset a descriptive name and click OK.
  7. Make sure the preset is selected when you choose to print to the Ricoh.
  • NOTE: Some applications may require additional steps to access the macOS system print dialog.
    • Adobe Acrobat: Click on "File" and select "Print". Select the "Printer..." button in the bottom left of the dialog box that appears.
    • Chrome: Click on "File" and select "Print". Select the "More settings" submenu and then "Print using system dialog..."
    • Contact the Service Desk for assistance with utilizing Ricoh print codes within other applications.

For older versions of macOS, see the video below on how to add Ricoh print codes. (double click video for full screen)

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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