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Add users with the +People button on the People page in the Canvas Studio site, or add users with the Modify tool in Account >> Profile >> My Studio Sites
This article is for users that are expecting to see a specific course in Canvas and it is not visible on the Canvas dashboard. This walks through the steps to add published courses to their Canvas dashboard, and what steps to take if the course is not listed on the "All Courses" page in Canvas.
Guide to access the Kaltura Editor through MediaSpace/Canvas. Access through video Actions >> Launch Editor menu item
How to 'mute' assignments in the New Canvas Gradebook
Crosslisted courses are created by indicating crosslisting of the courses in Banner.
ReadSpeaker is enabled for all Canvas users; ReadSpeaker TextAid must be enabled by adding External Tool >> ReadSpeaker TextAid to a Canvas course module.
Non-OSU individual creates account at using a personal account login; Non-OSU individual provides personal login email used to Studio site leader.
Click Settings >> Import Course Content then select Copy a Canvas Course and the course from which to import.
Recreating Canvas question banks from a Canvas quiz
Giving course access to students resolving an incomplete grade in a past term course.
Click Add TA... in course menu, search for individual to be added, select the correct role, select section(s). FERPA training required for CanvasTA and Grader roles.