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Enable Course Merge tool in Settings >> Navigation; click Course Merge in course menu to select courses to merge/un-merge
Adjust Canvas Quiz availability dates and Time Limit to allow for DAS time extension accommodations.
Recreating Canvas question banks from a Canvas quiz
Add users with the +People button on the People page in the Canvas Studio site, or add users with the Modify tool in Account >> Profile >> My Studio Sites
Students need to be enrolled in the Creating an Inclusive Community course in order to access it.
This article is for users that are registered for courses on Canvas, but those courses did not get added to their dashboard automatically. This walks through the steps to add published courses to their Canvas dashboard.
Create Gradescope account using ONID email at; enable Gradescope menu item in course navigation.
Enable course grading scheme, export the Canvas gradebook CSV file, adjust CSV file to meet Banner upload requirements, use Banner to upload final grades.
How to 'mute' assignments in the New Canvas Gradebook
An overview of New Canvas Gradebook functionality.
Edit the Canvas assignment, click the '+Add' button, type the name of the student(s) and select, enter alternative due date, save.