Kaltura: Upload media files to MediaSpace or Canvas

Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform and can be accessed through MediaSpace and Canvas. This article shows the steps to uploading to MediaSpace or Canvas. There are no restrictions to the duration, size, or file format of media that you can upload. To learn how to download your videos from Kaltura, click here.

While you can access Kaltura through either Canvas or MediaSpace, which method you use to access Kaltura will depend on what your goal is for your video.

Should I upload to Canvas or MediaSpace?



Course materials, lectures, assignments, homework, etc.

Sharing media with individuals, groups, departments, or publicly.


  • How do I upload media into MediaSpace/Canvas?


  • Oregon State
    • MediaSpace
    • Canvas


  1. Visit My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace
  2. Click "Add New"
  3. Choose "Media Upload"
  4. If you're not logged in, you will be prompted to login with your ONID username and password
  5. You will be presented with a disclaimer related to Oregon State University's policies
  6. Check the box labeled "I agree to the above terms and conditions" to indicate that you will abide by these policies
  7. Click "+ Choose a file to upload"
  8. Browse your computer to locate the file you wish to upload and click Open
  9. The blue bar will indicate the progress of the file upload
    • DO NOT close this window until the progress bar has turned green and it reads "Finished uploading!"
    • If the upload process is interrupted, you can repeat this process, and Kaltura will resume the upload from where you left off
  10. You may enter values for Name, Created By, Description and Tags
  11. As your file uploads, you may upload additional recordings by clicking on “+ Choose another file”
  12. Click "Save"

To submit a video as an assignment in Canvas, please refer to this guide.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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