Kaltura Student Guide: Instructions for creating and submitting media to a Canvas assignment


Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. Instructors leverage Kaltura's integration into Canvas to enable the submission of audio and video. The entire process can be broken into three distinct stages: Creating Media; Uploading Media; and Submitting Media. Abbreviated instructions for each step are listed below with links to more detailed instructions for each step.

Step 1: Create Media

Students are encouraged to use any technology or software which they have access to and which they are familiar with in order to create their media content. For example, PowerPoint (can be exported as a video after creation), QuickTime, phone camera, etc. Video or audio created with other tools can be uploaded through the same process outlined in step 2.

If you aren’t sure what to use, we’ve provided some information about university-supported tools available to you here.

  • Recording a presentation? Consider using Zoom@OSU to record a presentation by yourself or with a group.  Zoom cloud recordings are automatically uploaded to Kaltura once they have completed processing.  Alternatively, Kaltura Capture can be downloaded and installed from within Canvas.  Read the article on installing and launching Kaltura Capture for more details. 
  • Recording a webcam video? Consider using the Kaltura Webcam Recorder by selecting the filmstrip icon within the rich content editor in Canvas, and then Webcam Recorder under Add New. If your screen is narrow, you may need to click a vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots) button to display all of the available buttons in the rich content editor to access the Embed My Media button.
  • Recording an audio recording?  Consider using the Kaltura Webcam Recorder and disabling your camera. 

Step 2: Upload Media

If you created your media content using a tool other than Zoom, Kaltura Webcam Recorder, or Kaltura Capture, upload your media into Canvas.

Note: If you used Zoom to record your media content, it may take some time depending on the length of the record for the Zoom recording to transfer to Kaltura and your personal My Media collection. You should receive an email from OSU Kaltura Support <customer_service@kaltura.com> when your media has been transferred and is ready for you to use. 

Step 3: Submit Media

You can submit your media to a Canvas assignment or discussion using the Filmstrip icon in the rich text editor to select and share it. Read the article on How to submit media to a Canvas assignment for more detailed instructions.

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