Kaltura Student Guide: Instructions for creating and submitting media to a Canvas assignment


Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. Instructors are leveraging Kaltura's integration into Canvas to enable the submission of video as assignments from students. The entire process can be broken into three distinct stages: Creating Media; Uploading Media; and Submitting Media. Abbreviated instructions for each step are listed below with linked to more detailed instructions for each step.

Step 1: Create Media

Students are encouraged to use any technology or software which they have access to and which they are familiar with in order to create their media content (most commonly, phone, tablet or laptop). For students that are not familiar with or don't have access to any media creation software, the university provides free access to and support for Kaltura Capture recording software.

Kaltura Capture can be downloaded and installed from within Canvas using My Media in any Canvas course menu or in your Canvas Profile. Read the article on installing and launching Kaltura Capture for more details. Verify that your instance of Kaltura Capture is linked to your ONID account with the following steps:

  1. Click Manage located under the Kaltura logo in the Capture recording tool
  2. Click the Information icon (a circle with the letter "i" inside) in the leftmost menu
  3. Check for your ONID email address in the Connected user field

Once video and audio settings are set according to your needs, click the round red Record button to start recording. End your recording by clicking the square gray button on the recording tool.

For detailed instructions, read the article Use Kaltura Capture for recording audio, screen, and/or webcam.

Zoom is another university-supported tool that can be used to create video recordings. Zoom recordings are automatically transferred to the Zoom host's My Media collection.

Step 2: Upload Media

If you created your media content using a tool other than Kaltura Capture or Zoom, upload your media into Canvas.

If you used Kaltura Capture to record your media content and your instance of Kaltura Capture is associated with your ONID account (see instructions above for how to verify this), you can upload directly from Kaltura Capture to My Media in Canvas. Immediately after recording in Kaltura Capture, you should be directed to the Kaltura Capture management screen where you can upload your media to your personal My Media collection. If you are on the Kaltura Capture recording screen, you can access the management screen by clicking Manage located under the Kaltura logo.

If you used Zoom to record your media content, it may take some time depending on the length of the record for the Zoom recording to transfer to Kaltura and your personal My Media collection. You should receive an email from OSU Kaltura Support <customer_service@kaltura.com> when your media has been transferred to your My Media collection and is ready for you to use.

Step 3: Submit Media

Once the media file is saved to your My Media collection in Kaltura, you can submit your media to a Canvas assignment that has been set up correctly for media assignments. Read the article on How to submit media to a Canvas assignment for detailed instructions.