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Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. It has both an in-browser webcam recording tool, and a screen/desktop recorder, Kaltura Capture, that can be downloaded and installed on Mac and Windows computers.

Note: Kaltura is a video platform, similar to YouTube. You don't need to use Kaltura's tools to record a video. If you already have a video, or prefer to use your own recording tools, learn how to upload your video to Kaltura.


  • How can I use Kaltura Capture to make a video?
  • How can I use Kaltura Capture to record my screen/desktop?
  • How can I use Kaltura Capture to record my webcam?


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  1. Visit My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace
  2. Choose Add New
  3. Choose Recording Tools / Capture
  4. You will be presented with a disclaimer related to Oregon State University's policies; Check the box labeled "I agree to the above terms and conditions" to indicate that you will abide by these policies
  5. (First time only) Consult this article in order to install Kaltura Capture on MacOS or Windows if this is your first time using the software
  6. Change and/or view the video and audio inputs by clicking the arrows next to the icons.  Mute the unused video/audio input(s) by clicking the icons.  For example: To create a presentation, select the computer screen as the first video input, mute the second input, and select your microphone as the audio input.

  7. Click the recording button (red circle) to begin recording.
  8. Wait for the countdown and begin record.  During the recording, you have the option to Stop, Pause, Cancel, or use a highlighter.

  9. Select the square Stop button to stop the recording.
  10. View the preview of the recording then enter a Title, a brief Description, and/or Tags.
  11. Click on Save & Upload to save it for use within Canvas.

Recording PowerPoint Slides

Recording PowerPoint slides enables viewers to easily navigate through a video by jumping to a specific slide, or by searching for text in the slide. Kaltura Capture can record any displayed PowerPoint slides during the recording. Slides are added as chapters with their time stamp as part of the recording.

To record PowerPoint Slides as part of the Kaltura Capture recording, open the PowerPoint presentation in Slide Show mode before or during the recording and present the slides.

Each PowerPoint slide you use during the recording creates a chapter in the recording. When the recording is completed, the slides are uploaded as images and are set to chapters at their designated time stamps in the recording. 


  • When your recording is paused, any slides that are shown will not be recorded or uploaded.
  • When using multiple screens, slides are only captured and recorded from the screen being recorded.
  • If PowerPoint is opened in Protected Mode, slides cannot be captured in the recording. The following message will be displayed. "PowerPoint is running in protected mode - no slides will be captured". You may click Enable Editing and create an identical PowerPoint presentation to use with Kaltura Capture.
  • PowerPoint Viewer is not supported in this release.

Additional Resources

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

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