Kaltura Instructor Guide: Create a media assignment in Canvas


Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. Instructors can create media assignments in Canvas to receive media (audio or video) as a submission. This article shows how to create such an assignment. 


  • How do I create a media assignment in Canvas


  • Oregon State
    • Canvas


  1. Navigate to your course in Canvas
  2. Go to the Assignments tab
  3. Click +Assignment in the top right corner to create a new assignment
  4. Give your assignment a name and allocate points to it
  5. In the assignment instructions field, add a link to the Kaltura Student Guide: Instructions for creating and submitting media to a Canvas assignment 
  6. Select Online as the submission type
  7. Select the Text Entry option (Do not select Media Recordings)
  8. Select your other desired Canvas assignment settings
  9. Click Save and Publish


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