Issue: Canvas - Images not displaying


  • Students are not able to view images in Canvas content


  • Oregon State University
  • Canvas


The following are just a few of the many issues that can cause images to not display in a webpage, including in Canvas content, such as a quiz.

  • Browser extensions
  • An out-of-date or unsupported browser
  • An out-of-date computer
  • Image files not embedded correctly in Canvas (see below for more information)

Of these common issues, only the last issue is something an instructor of a course can address. The remaining issues are technical issues best handled by the OSU Service Desk.


To fully address the possible technical issues that can prevent students from seeing images, instructors should provide an accessible alternative to the information-bearing images in their course content. This usually means providing a text-based alternative e.g., a long description of the image and/or a data table of a graph.

For Canvas quizzes which contain images required to answer questions, we recommend embedding an image in the quiz instructions in the same manner that images were embedded within the quiz questions. This allows a student to verify whether they can view images prior to starting the quiz.

Students can also disable browser extensions or use an incognito or private browser window with extensions disabled.

Image files not linked/embedded correctly in Canvas

Faculty have much greater access to content in Canvas which can result in images appearing correctly for the faculty member, but those same images not appearing to students.Two of the most common cases where an instructor has access to the image files, but students do not are:

  • The image files exist in a separate course which the instructor can access
  • The image files are in an unpublished or locked folder within Canvas Files

Faculty should ensure that the images used in the course are uploaded into Files for the course in which the images will be used.

We recommend that faculty disable the Files course menu instead of unpublishing or locking folders within Files. Disabling the Files course menu allows faculty to share files (and images) by linking/embedding that content, and controlling access to the file/image by controlling access to the content.

Faculty can use Student View to test whether the images were linked/embedded correctly. If the images are visible through Student View, they have been linked/embedded correctly. Student can still experience issues with images as described at the top of this document.

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