Kaltura: Set a Kaltura interactive video quiz as a Canvas assignment


Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. This article describes how to create an assignment that uses Kaltura's Interactive Video Quiz's (IVQ) feature and integrates with the Canvas Gradebook.


  • How do I get the results from a Kaltura quiz into the Canvas gradebook?


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  1. Create a video quiz in your My Media – See How to create or edit an Interactive Video Quiz
  2. Navigate to your course in Canvas and go to Assignments
  3. Create a new Canvas assignment
  4. Select External Tool for the assignment submission type

    Canvas External Tool Selector
  5. Click Find to open the Configure External Tool pop up
  6. Click on Interactive Video Quiz from the list of tools

  7. Click the </> Embed button next to the quiz you want to use for the assignment

    Select Quiz to Embed
  8. Click Select to close the Configure External Tool window.
  9. Save or Save and Publish the assignment.

When students answer and submit their quiz, the grade will automatically be sent to the Canvas Gradebook for the relevant assignment and student.

Viewing Quiz Analytics

To view Kaltura Video Quiz analytics, owners and co-editors can follow these steps:

  1. On the My Media page, locate the video quiz you are interested in, then select the corresponding View analytics button.
  2. Choose the Quiz Questions or Quiz Users tab to view user results.

Validating Scores are Passed to Canvas Gradebook

Kaltura Video Quiz owners or co-editors should validate that scores are successfully passed to the gradebook when used in a Canvas assignment.

  1. After grading is complete, visit the Quiz Users tab (refer to steps in the previous section)
  2. Scan the Gradebook Sync column.
  3. Where the value is ERRORFAILED, or blank, calculate the student's score for the Kaltura Video Quiz and manually enter it in the Canvas gradebook.


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