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  • Is macOS Monterey recommended for OSU computers?
  • Should I upgrade to Monterey?


  • Employee or Student Employee
  • OSU-owned computer


Monterey was released as a public beta in July 2021 and for general use in October 2021.

For a list of Mac models that support Monterey, see:

Before you upgrade, make sure you backup your Mac.

Caution: Upgrading to Monterey on OSU-managed computers is not recommended at this time. As of 11/4/2021, the upgrade to Monterey on UIT-managed computers is blocked. If you have a specific need to upgrade to Monterey, submit a request to the Service Desk with an explanation of the features needed.

Known Issues with macOS Monterey:

  • There have been numerous reports to Apple Support, as well as reported by multiple tech sites, of significant performance issues when upgrading to Monterey. This is impacting all machines - including models as recent as 2020. Some of the concerning effects include computers being bricked during or after updating, and peripherals such as USB hubs no longer working.
  • No support for Intel CPUs based on Broadwell and Haswell architectures, and no support for Nvidia GPUs.

Tested Software That Does Work with Monterey:

  • MDE anti-virus
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN


  • Monterey announcement:
  • Improvements to FaceTime.
  • Safari updates.
  • "Focus" feature to customize notifications.
  • "Universal Control" to control multiple devices - such as an iPad and Mac - with the same mouse and keyboard.


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