University Operational Data Systems - Troubleshooting Error Messages and Report Time Outs


  • I am getting an error message when I try to run a report, Jaspersoft, etc.?
  • A CORE report does not return any results when I run it. What should I do?
  • GRS/Reimbursement System/Scholarship System/Direct Pay System do not work when I try to access them. What should I do?
  • I am getting an error message when trying to use Tableau. What should I do?


  • Oregon State University
  • CORE
  • GRS
  • Tableau
  • Jaspersoft
  • Direct Pay
  • FS Index Reimbursement
  • Scholarship Reimbursement


People sometimes experiencing issues accessing the IAR Data Systems (CORE, Tableau, Jaspersoft, GRS, Direct Pay, FS Index Reimbursement and Scholarship Reimbursement). The website may not load, they may receive an error message and other types of errors. Yet the system is working as expected from everyone else and is operationally in the green on the IS Status page.


If you are experiencing an error message in a system that is currently working try:

  1. Logging in directly to the system
    • You can directly login to the system using the links on the IAR Website
  2. Connecting to the OSU VPN if off campus or not connected to the OSU Secure WiFi network
    • The OSU VPN is required for people to connect to several IAR Data Tools when not connected to the OSU Secure network:
      • Grant Reporting System (GRS)
      • Tableau Server
      • Tableau Dashboards in CORE
      • Jaspersoft
      • Oregon State University Foundation (OSUF) Systems
        • Direct Payment System
        • Scholarship System
        • FS Index Reimbursement System
    • The VPN is not required for SRSS CORE reports, but is required for people to view the Tableau dashboards in CORE. Instructions on using the OSU VPN can be found at:
  3. Try using Firefox or Chrome
    • We suggest using Firefox or Chrome to access the IAR data systems.
  4. Try opening the tool in a private or incognito browser window
    • Sometimes a cookie, browser extension or other setting on the browser will cause issues. If using a private or incognito window resolves the issue you should probably try step 5 to permanently resolve the issue. Otherwise you can continue using the tool in a private or incognito window.
  5. Refresh your browser
    • A setting in your browser may be causing the issue. To address this you should refresh your browser. Instructions on how to refresh in various browsers is available at:
    • Note: The link is to the University of Indiana that has a good article on how to refresh a variety of browsers.
  6. Try restarting your computer
    1. Sometimes a setting on your computer, rather than the browser, is causing the issue. This can be especially true if you do not turn off your computer on a regular cadence (daily, weekly, etc.) In that case restarting your computer may resolve the issue.
    2. Note: Make sure to select the restart option and not shut down. Restart will clear out the caches on your computer.
  7. Make your query smaller
    1. CORE cuts report off after 1800 seconds (30 minutes) if they do not return results. This will result in a blank screen. Try running the report for a smaller data set to see if this resolves the issue. For example, pull data for one academic year instead of multiple.
      1. Note: While a CORE report will time out, the query continues running in the background and you cannot run another report until the query finishes running. This can take a while if the query is particularly large.
    2. Jaspersoft has a 1 million row limit to results. If someone tries to pull more rows than this in the results the query will fail. If this happens try putting limits on your query. An example of how this might happen is someone trying to pull all financial transactions for the University for multiple fiscal years.
  8. If none of these options resolves the issue you can also find tool specific troubleshooting advice at:
    1. CORE -
    2. GRS -


If none of these options resolves the error message or issue Contact DIA. In your message please include:

  • A screenshot of the error message or final screen you see
  • The steps you took to reach this screen.
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