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Steps to solve time-outs or error messages when trying to access Decision Support Data Systems (CORE, GRS, Jaspersoft, Tableau, Direct Pay, FS Index Reimbursement, or Scholarship Reimbursement).
Explanation on why reports based on the transaction ledger do not agree with reports based on the the operating ledger
Introduction to CORE
How to save parameters in a CORE report and export data in CORE reports
Security levels are displayed in a user's profile page.
CORE reports related to Course Registration Counts and Course Lists.
CORE access is based on the person's position title in Banner. People can requests overrides for data outside their default access if they have a business need to see the data.
Explanation on how to look up individuals within CORE
Guide to finding data term definitions in CORE
Explanation of Oregon High Achiever field in CORE reports
CORE updates depend on the source of the report
How to paste list of values into filter in Jaspersoft