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  • How can I save CORE parameters?
  • How can I export a CORE report?
  • How can I share a CORE report?
  • CORE reports meet my needs but I'd rather not re-enter the same parameters each time I run the report. What are my options for saving a report?


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Saving a Report

You can save the parameters used in a CORE report as part of the report URL. This is a useful way to save a report you return to frequently or want to share with someone else.

Note: You can share the URL with someone else so they can run the report with the same parameters you used. They will need to have access to the report in CORE for this to work though.

To save the parameters in a CORE report:

  1. After you run the report select “Save this Report” in the export options under the parameters

  1. The report reruns and generates a URL coded with the parameters you used in the report. When you return to this URL the report will pre-populate its fields with the parameters you had set.image of example url
  2. Save the URL by either:
    1. Copying and pasting the url into a document where you can find it again or paste into an email to send to someone else.
    2. Bookmark the url in your browser:
      • Chrome steps to create bookmarks
      • Firefox steps to create bookmarks

CSV Export of a Report

In the export options under the report parameters, click on the Export to CSV option. This will generate a CSV file with the data in the report that you can open in Excel.

Note: This option is not available on ad hoc reports that allow you to choose the fields you see in the report.

PDF Export of a Report

In the export options under the report parameters, click on either the printer icon or PDF icon. The report is exported as a PDF file that you can print using your office printer. This will replicate the view you see in the CORE report. 


Excel Export of a Report

In the export options under the report parameters select "Export to Excel." The Excel document will have the same header formatting as the report in CORE.

Note: The excel option is not good for data analysis as it includes extra formatting to make the Excel spreadsheet look like the report in CORE. This can result in a lot of clean up work to make the spreadsheet useful for analysis. If you are going to use the data for analysis it is better to export it as a CSV instead.


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