Articles on using canned reports and dashboards from Institutional Analytics and Reporting (IAR), primarily in CORE.

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Pinned Article CORE - Access

CORE access is based on the person's position title in Banner. People can requests overrides for data outside their default access if they have a business need to see the data.

Pinned Article CORE - Basics

Introduction to CORE

CORE - Report Parameters

Introduction to parameters in CORE reports and how to use them.

CORE - Saving, Exporting, Sharing and Printing Reports

How to save parameters in a CORE report and export data in CORE reports

CORE - Course Schedules

CORE reports related to Course Registration Counts and Course Lists.

CORE - Data Update Schedule

CORE updates depend on the source of the report

CORE - High Achiever and Oregon High Achiever

Explanation of Oregon High Achiever field in CORE reports

CORE - Search for an individual in CORE

Explanation on how to look up individuals within CORE

CORE - Term Definitions

Guide to finding data term definitions in CORE

CORE - Transaction Ledger vs. Operating Ledger

Explanation on why reports based on the transaction ledger do not agree with reports based on the the operating ledger

CORE - Viewing Security Levels

Security levels are displayed in a user's profile page.