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Overview of OSU Tableau Desktop License

  • Each license belongs to the unit that purchased it and is valid for only one user at a time. 
  • Do not share your key with another user. 
  • Each license allows you to install 2 copies for your own use. For example, one copy on your desktop computer and another on your laptop.
  • If you need to move a license to a new computer, please deactivate the key on the old computer first
  • If you are no longer going to be the user of the license, please contact to let us know we will work with your unit to reassign the key to the new user.
  • If you have not already, you can now install the desktop software and set up you access with your new product key.

In order to receive and keep your access to the OSU servers and data models using your Tableau Desktop, please note the following

  • Your machine will need to comply with the Office of Information Security‚Äôs published OSU Baseline Standards for Confidential information. Please see the following for more details:
  • Your desktop license will need to be maintained annually so that it can connect to the OSU server. Your department/unit will be responsible for paying an annual maintenance fee of $630. If this is not paid annually, you will lose access to the OSU server.
  • IAR will manage the desktop licenses that connect to the OSU servers, therefore questions regarding your Tableau License and using the system should first be directed to IAR, not Tableau directly.

Training and Certification for OSU Tableau Access


For assistance, contact