Tableau - Purchase a Tableau License


Tableau licenses can be purchased through IAR for use with OSU institutional data. To purchase a Tableau license:

  1. Unit/department submits request to purchase a Tableau license to IAR
  2. Reviewed and approved by the Service Owner or designee in IAR
  3. Reviewed and approved by the budget authority for the index the purchase is on
  4. IAR initiates purchase; uses the unit’s index to pay Tableau Creator License
  5. Once purchase and set up are complete, IAR sends key to designated user and adds them to the OSU Tableau channel in Teams.


A Tableau Creator License costs $630 a year and is renewed in November. Licenses are renewed unless we received a request to cancel the license.

Tableau licenses purchased outside of November are charged a pro-rated amount for the remained of the current license period. They are then charged the full amount starting in the November after they are purchased. For example, a unit purchasing a license in May will be charged for the remaining 6 months in the current license period. The November after they purchase the license they would then pay the full $630 for the next license period.


Non-Student OSU Employees working with OSU's institutional data for university operations and internal assessment.

Academic Research use

To use Tableau for academic research you will want to reach out to Tableau directly to purchase a license.


Download a free student version of Tableau for use in classes.

Additional Assistance

Send questions about this form and Tableau for university data to