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Tableau is a self-service data tool that allows users to connect to and create reports and data visualizations with university data. Users can create and explore interactive dashboards, maps, and other presentation formats to discover data-informed business insights.

Oregon State University has a server environment to facilitate the sharing and publication of Tableau visualizations within the OSU community. Oregon State University‚Äôs use of Tableau Server is administered by UIT - Decision Support.  All OSU employees are able to access and interact with content on the Tableau Server that they have been granted access to view, and users with a Tableau Creator license are able to create and publish their own reports and visualizations on the server to share their creations securely within the organization. 

To initiate a Tableau Creator License or to request an existing license be reassigned to a new user, please complete the Tableau Request Form. 


A Tableau Creator License costs $630 a year and is renewed in November. Licenses are renewed unless we received a request to cancel the license.

Tableau licenses purchased outside of November are charged a pro-rated amount for the remained of the current license period. They are then charged the full amount starting in the November after they are purchased. For example, a unit purchasing a license in May will be charged for the remaining 6 months in the current license period. The November after they purchase the license they would then pay the full $630 for the next license period.


This form is intended for OSU employees working with OSU's institutional data (student, finance, HR, etc.) for university operations and internal assessment.

OSU faculty and students are welcome to use Tableau for research and class work, but cannot purchase a Tableau desktop license through this form. For these users:

  • Academic Research
    • To use Tableau for academic research you will want to reach out to Tableau directly to purchase a license.
  • Students and Instructors

Additional Assistance

Send questions about this form and Tableau for university data to

Purchase Tableau License

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