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  • How do I connect to the OSU Tableau server?


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You must have Tableau Desktop installed to connect to the OSU Tableau Server. People without Tableau Desktop can view dashboards on the Tableau server, but cannot connect directly to the data on the server.


Connecting to the Tableau Server

  1. Open Tableau Desktop.
  2. On the Tableau Desktop start page, click Tableau Server in the To a Server section.
    1. Note: If the start page is not displayed, click the File menu, then click Show Start Page.
  3. When the Tableau Server Sign In dialog is displayed, enter, then click Connect.

Caution: When connecting from off campus you need to be on the OSU VPN to connect to the OSU Analytics Tableau server. You can find help with the OSU VPN at:

  1. Sign-in using your ONID credentials

You are now connected to the Tableau server.

Note: Instructions on uploading dashboards to the server can be found at:


If you have any questions about Tableau, contact Decision Support (DS)


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