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  • How do I set up WinSCP?


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WinSCP Installation

  1. Visit the WinSCP website at
  2. Under the "Downloading WinSCP" header, click on "Installation package"
  3. Click "Save file" or "Save" (different browsers use slightly different wording)
  4. Save to your desktop
  5. Double click on the install program for WinSCP (the .exe file associated with winSCP, for example, "winscp551setup.exe")
  6. Follow the installation through completion.

WinSCP operations

Transferring Profile Information

  1. Open SSH
  2. Click "Profiles"
  3. Click "Edit Profiles"
  4. Click on a profile, and write down your host name, user name and port number. You can also leave SSH open while editing the profile information in WinSCP. Repeat for every profile you need to save.

Adding Profile Information

  1. Open the WinSCP program (Start - Programs - WinSCP)
  2. Enter the profile information you saved from SSH.
  3. Enter your password
  4. To enter remote directory information:
    1. Click on Directories
    2. Enter the directory path in the remote directory area
    3. Click Save
  5. Enter the name you would like to call the profile. "ONID" would be the most straightforward.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Note it shows up in saved sessions now.
  8. Repeat for all of your profiles.

Log in to a profile

  1. Click Stored sessions
  2. Click on the profile name, in this case, "Banner"
  3. Click Login
  4. The first time you connect to a new server, WinSCP requests you add the host key to the cache. Press YES.
  5. After accepting the key, the authorized use screen shows up. Click Continue.

File Transfer

File transfer is a simple operation. Your local files are on the left, remote/server files are on the right. To move a file to the server, click and drag a file from the left to the right. Note the plus symbol on the cursor indicating you are adding a file to that location.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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